Thursday, October 18, 2007

Get Ready...

Get set...GO! Oh, guess it's not a race...the tile project is moving are pictures:

Eric started by laying the backer board and fixing all the squeaks in the!

Kai has been really excited that he is 'helping' Daddy with the tools. Elena just heard me taking pictures and quickly ran in from her puzzle-doing to add a funny face.
Travis (Eric's bro) came up on Saturday to get us started. He's building houses now for a living and just laid a tile floor in his own new house. Between him and I we convinced Eric to go for a 45 degree offset pattern rather than straight offset. Good deal pickles.

The kids' job has been to pick up the spacers. Uuummm...ya, right. They do a few and then quickly get distracted.

Here's the second go at grouting. We did some the first night, only to find the color two shades lighter than what the sample card displayed. So Eric dug out what was still soft and then drilled the rest out with a drimmel (sp?) tool. This is the CORRECT color while it's dries to blend in with the tile color--pictures of that in the next post.