Monday, October 22, 2007


Day 11 of the floor project and things are starting to come back together. I've loaded my dishwasher, cleaned my stove (it was covered with garage dust) and am on my 3rd load of laundry. You should see my overflowing hampers after 7 days with no washer/dryer access (well, of course, except for a couple emergency loads Maria let me come over to do--thanks!).

So what's the best way to rearrange your dryer exhaust tube while everything is still hooked up? I smelled the dryer getting HOT and looked behind to see that I'd scrunched up the tube when I was scooting the dryer over to be just where I like it...I don't think any heat was escaping...glad I found it before letting it run and catch fire. There is JUST ENOUGH space in my laundry room for me to ALMOST squeeze between the wall to get back there to arrange it correctly...but not quite. So, I hung over the top of the dryer---ooof---and did the best possible with most of my blood flooding my head & feeling like the top of the dryer was going to cut me in two. I was glad no one was there with a camera--and glad I didn't get stuck! And, yes, I did try to pull it out then hook it up, but we keep the tube too short for that to work.'s running again and maybe Eric can help me figure something out...we had it fine before!

So Eric finished tiling the entry way last night...only the coat closet and a small corner by the front door left! I sealed most of the grout in the kitchen...just have to do the dining area and then all the grouting in the entry once it's adhered properly. Oh...and I figured out how to get the kids to pick up all the spacers: set the timer for three minutes and offer a quarter to anyone who could fill up a paper cup...they had it done in no time flat!

I'll post more pix soon....

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for stopping by, It looks as if you have your hands full being a full time mommy. I remember what that was like and now I'm a grandmother of 1 with 2 more coming, Yahoo! The remodel is great, nice job! I'll stop by to see how things are going. It looks like you have a wonderful family. May the L-ord of heaven and earth be with you and yours!