Tuesday, June 26, 2007

One more baby girl!

What a wonderful week--2 nieces born! My sister, Mackenzie, and her husband, Brad, welcomed Annalise Cadence into the world on Monday morning. She was 6# 10 oz. and 19" long and has a pile of soft light brown hair. Pud had a midwife and gave birth at a birthing center called the "Birth Inn" in Wichita (yay! I had a midwife with both of my babies too!) and everything went just fine. I'm excited to visit and meet the little one...but not sure when I'll be able to make the treck with the summer calendar as crazy as it is. For now, pictures are up over on Jodi's blog if ya want to see Annalise. Congratulations Mackenzie & Brad! Now the real fun begins.

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Angela said...

I didn't know you had a blog besides Silly Rabbits . . . how did I miss this? I have so many details of your life to catch up on.