Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Sooooo.....Nicknames. I didn't particularly care for the nickname I had growing up. Pee-wee. Nice. Especially didn't care for it when Pee-Wee Herman came on the scene. Could have done without that one.

I have many names I've used to call kiddos over the years: the Lindsey girls were the "Chickadees", my younger siblings were the creative "Little Kids", babies in general were "bambinos", etc. etc. Enter my own cutie-patooties. Elena became "Lena", "Pumpkin", "Princess", "Ladybug", "Munchkin". But what has stuck? "Munch". MUNCH!!! What kind of horrid nickname is that???! Kai, same deal..."Copper", "Copper Top", "BOY", "Kai-boy". His sticker? "Boog", as in short for Booger. AAACK! What have I done??? Maybe it's not too late to undo this madness, but for now, I probably should go make sure Munch and Boog have finished their yogurt.

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