Saturday, June 23, 2007


So is a 'MAN-cation' a vacation for my man, or a vacation from my man? Hmmmm....I'm going to say both! Mainly because I DID happen to mow the lawn again (well, most of it) & am playing solo-parent through a weekend--PLUS I got to enjoy probably one of the best evenings at home that I've had in a long time!

Last night we had our LifeGroup meeting which is always fun. Then after the munchkins were down, my dear friend, Molly, came over for a screening of Pride & Prejudice (seems we've both seen it too many times to count) and time to do our nails. Add in a fine bottle of Riesling and we had ourselves a dandy night!

My kids are now realizing that P&P is one of the only movies I watch given the opportunity to choose. And until last night and this morning's finish...I hadn't seen the A&E version from '95 in quite some time. So now I must muse and wonder which one I like better! Ah, the battle...I love Colin Firth's portrayal of Darcy, but Matthew Macfadyen certainly is more attractive to heart goes a'flutter w/a few of his gazes--ahhh--and when he marches across the field to find Lizzy at dawn w/his jacket in the wind---swoon! As for Elizabeth, both Jennifer and Keira do her fine justice...maybe more passion in Keira's performance, but Jennifer is very believable. The energy in the new version is certainly more intense as they managed to cram the story into 2.5 hours, rather than the 6 it took before, but I really think they both capture the essence of the book in a grand way.

If I had to vote today, it would be for the new '06 version, believe it or not! Something about the intensity of the rain & music that speaks to the heart of their forming love throughout the show. Hmmm...maybe I should watch IT tonight and then re-think my stance. Ooooorr...just say I love them both and say THANK YOU Claire, for introducing me to the world of Jane Austen & YAAAAAYYY Molly, I really think we ARE kindred spirits! (You wouldn't happen to love Anne too? --that's Ann with an "e").

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kimberly said...

oooh!! so hard to choose!!!
I am with you on everything you said about the new one.
that said,
1. In general I like the old one better due to how much more they can go into the story I love so much, but,
2. Matthew McFayden drives me wild.
3. I have a serious issue with the chick that plays Jane in the old one. Her hair is TOTALLY weird. It is very distracting. Jane is supposed to be the pretty one, and that hair is nothing even resembling pretty, it's totally weird. Jane in the new one is much more true to the character, in my opinion.
4. The music in the new one is better.

oh my. sorry...I got a little carried away, I'd better stop myself now.