Thursday, April 19, 2007

Quest for answers

I am reading a book. (WOW!) Well, I read books all the time...but this is a sit down, concentrate, re-read & check the footnotes kind of book. I'll tell you what it is another time...for now I'm on a quest for some input:

What is your definition of femininity?

Another way to phrase the question: What does the word feminine bring to mind?

So I realize hitting that comment button seemingly strikes fear into peoples' hearts, but no worries, you can even be anonymous if you like! Your input will be much appreciated...I'll update you later.


Jodi said...

I'll be brave and respond... Femininty: at first thought, I think the negative, which is like a Hillary Clinton in my mind. All girl power and no pretty. When I think about it though, I think it can really define the strengths of being a woman. Your individual beauty that is shown through your giftedness and personality. The attributes that God has given you that grow in your developing personal relationship with him. They can start with the fruit of the Spirit, Gal 5:22, but each woman has her distinct way that each of these show through her.hmmm that is a hard question, so I think I will stop rambling for now :)

Resa said...

Jo, thanks for being brave. I actually did get more feedback...but in the form of personal emails and a big thread on my other hang-out at cake central! I like your answer...wish you could have been in our discussion group to hear all the views. We'll talk more later...