Friday, April 06, 2007

Friday Night Excitement

So Eric and I have plans to watch "The Illusionist" tonight...but he discovered that we have a free preview weekend of HBO and has spent the last hour watching snipits of movies we already own! Geez! Okay with me as I've spent some time downloading new photos.

Elena turned 4 last Saturday so we have a lot of new cute pix of her--they'll be up on Silly Rabbits soon. I tried to take some "portrait-worthy" shots--and a few did turn out nice--but I let her choose her hairstyle and I don't like it in the pictures...ahhrrgh! Will have to re-do those with some curls flowing down rather than a ponytail.

I'm putting this one up of the two of us...she was really in to taking pictures herself after watching cousin Naomi use her mommy's camera last week. BUT, I'm not putting those in as they were all of me in strange poses that she specifically arranged--nice.

Ah, the first bouquet of the year! My favorite excuse for all the time I spend flower gardening is having fresh-cut bouquets on a regular basis. SOMEDAY I'll be able to have flowers inside all season PLUS enough to keep the garden looking least, that's my dream.

Enjoy this sunset...from our backyard to yours...Peace and Happy Easter...HE IS RISEN!!!

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