Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gardening 101?

It's not supposed to snow in the middle of April, right? THEN WHY AM I LOOKING AT 3 INCHES OF WHITE STUFF OUT MY WINDOW???!!!!!

This has been a rough two weeks on my poor flower plants and trees. I'm most concerned about my peonies and I think last night may have got me beat. See the "t-pee" structure in the picture? The peony below it was just as tall or taller than it yesterday. Just snow may have been fine, but the cold rain before the snow probably did the beautiful little buds in. I'm seriously considering hooking up my hair dryer to an extension cord and using it to defrost the flower bed.


Nevertheless, it was priceless to see my little munchkins dancing with joy and trying to catch 2" snowflakes on their tounges before bed last night. This morning's activities will include some snowman making!

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