Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Is anyone ever satisfied? Well, tonight I experienced satisfaction, if only for a brief moment. Part of our dinner tonight was a salad...all from our garden--the very first harvest. Crisp Romaine, ruffly green leaf lettuce and baby spinach. I carefully trimmed each leaf from the plant, washed them gently with cold water and patted dry. YAY! I really thought the rabbits would eat everything before we got a chance. Plus, it saved me a trip to the grocery store for some veggies as the shelves are gettin' bare around here.

Here are pictures from around our gardens from tonight. We had rain showers on and off today and it was sprinkling when Kai and I went out to take pictures. He is bending down saying "look how cute" to the baby strawberries and tomatoes...he says it in a real high falsetto voice that makes us giggle!

Kai is standing on one of their "stepping stones" i.e. turned over saucers I put in their flower garden so they could water the babies w/o trampling seedlings.

This is my "fancy" iris. I don't know if it's Siberian or Dutch or what, but every year ONE will bloom. I think it's in too much shade, but have been too lazy and inundated with other iris to find a new spot.

Ahhh, my BEA-U-TIFUL purple clematis! Elena gave this to me on my first (maybe second) mother's day. I've moved it a few times, and it really likes this home next to the front steps. I added a twine trellis to get it up higher this spring and am excited to see how high she'll climb.

This is the first of my two new clematis vines to bloom...small white blossoms with purple centers...I love it!

We'll see how long this lasts. Very shallow for all the plants I put in it...plus those New Guinea impatients are in small pots. At least it's a pretty addition to our entrance for now. I bought the shelf at the LifeBridge garage sale and spray painted it, added cocoa mats and soil and wha-la!

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