Monday, April 02, 2007

Grids are In

Kai and I worked hard to put our grid system in place for the veggie plots. "Resourceful Resa" that I am used left-over blind slats for the grids and wired them together with those nasty little cables used to secure every child's toy in its packaging. (AHEM, please note, dear friends and family that have MOCKED me for saving those wires...I TOLD YOU they'd come in handy!!! Not to mention that they are excellent at holding up my living room sheer curtains too.)

With Elena out of town at Grandma's, Kai and I had lots of time to shop for plants today. We visited Suburban and Rosehill nurseries...he liked riding in the golf cart and wagon as we toured around. We found one blueberry bush at Rosehill and finally reasonably priced strawberries at Wal-Barf.

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