Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cake Class Finale

This month I took the Wilton Course III cake decorating class at Michael's. It was one night a week for four weeks and we learned how to make some new flowers and several techniques using fondant. I have previously done a lot of the things that were taught, but loved learning new tricks and tips as well as how to make the fondant roses! (Fondant is like edible play-doh...great to work with, but I recommend making your own or trying any brand EXCEPT Wilton's--it tastes horrible!)

Last night we had a our final class where we each constructed and decorated a tiered cake. It was fun to see everyone's creations! Some of the gals are really new to decorating and did an amazing job. Our instructor, Linda, was a lot of help...but she didn't want her photo taken. Here we are after 2 hours of work (not including the hours spent baking, filling and frosting at home):

On a side note, though our Michael's is 15 miles from home, three of us live just blocks from each other in the same strange is that? Plus, we didn't know each other before the classes!

My cake is on the left. After hours of making fondant roses, I'm hoping it will be like riding a bike and I'll never forget! I went from starting out at 30 minutes to 15 minutes per rose after making 20 of them. Shew-whee! I'm giving the top part of this cake (chocolate) to my friend Angie as a thank-you and the bottom cake (cinnamon w/apple filling) will be our dessert for LifeGroup on Friday night.

I think I'm done doing classes for a while. I have some fab books from pros in the sugar art world that I'm going to study and learn from on my own. This is certainly a hobby that encompasses a wide range of study: baking, construction, design, sculpture, painting, floral design--the list goes on and I love it!

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