Monday, March 05, 2007

The Learning Continues

Over the last few days I've learned several things:

1. I am determined. And no matter how hard or how many times you try, a screw will not "screw in" if you have the screw gun set to lefty loosy. It will fly off and try to hit you in the eye. Again and again.

2. My just about four-year-old is NOT a baby she reminds me with a "Mawwwm! I'm NOT a baby anymore! Stop telling me things!"

3. Staying home w/just me and 2 kids for 3 days straight with limited outside contact will not kill me. It can even be fun! But I'm still glad my honey is back home.

4. Kai can now express his heart through words. After a naptime showdown where I finally rocked him to hysterics, I now know what he was trying to convey with screaming every time we tried that when he was a baby: "MOMMMMMY! STOP HOLDING ME! STOP HOLDING ME! STOP HOLDING ME!" Poor thing just HATES it. But it tired him out enough that he fell asleep two minutes after I laid him down.

5. Spring is my favorite season! I finally got out to my yard today (probably the 3rd nice day we've had) and was lovin' my dirty fingernails, the smell of the dirt and the satisfaction of four square feet of cleaned up flower bed. (Only a TON more to go!)

6. I have NO will power when it comes to cookies. (Thanks, Molly...I NEED that recipe!)

Have you learned anything lately?

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Suzanne said...

I learned that your husband was in my side of the world. I saw him walk across the room and it just seemed like he was supposed to be there. Then I realized that it was Eric! Wish you and the kids could have been with him.