Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Holy Guacamole!

First of all, did you know that was how to spell 'guacamole'? Looks weird to me.

Secondly, "Holy Guacamole!" again! I did something unusual yesterday commonly referred to as "working out". Let me preface all of this by freely admitting that I am a big baby! I'm usually good to hit a bit of Pilate's every other week or so...I know, I know, my cardio health is probably down the tubes. But yesterday I accepted an invitation to the community center w/some of my girlfriends.

I just walked a bit then stretched out, did some Pilate's leg exercises etc...but then...the pressure was on! All my other girls were hitting the treadmill or "aaack!" running! If I run, I will surely die (however, this post from last year WAS for real). I'm still on my cute little mat in the corner of the weight room where big burly men are pumping some serious iron...and I'm wondering what in the world to do now.

I for sure can't act like I don't do this every single day of my life so a great plan is born! Let's do some crunches...side lateral ones...okay! Now let's do some push ups...12 down and I'm feeling S-T-R-O-N-G. Let's try some tricep dips...oooooh, that burns, but I'm small but mighty! WHAAAAT? WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!! Thankfully, my pals came in to make lunch plans at the Pizza Shoppe before I went really wild and did some lunges.

Today, tonight especially, I ache! My arms would like to fall off. My abs...well, they aren't quite as bad, but they hurt to. WAAAAAHHHHH! Okay, so I'll probably do some more tomorrow...and just push through the pain. Before you roll your eyes, remember that I prefaced all this...and now you know it's sadly true.

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Molly Clark said...

"One-two-three bend
One-two-three stretch
Put your mind to it
Go for it, you gotta break a sweat!
Rock-n-roll you ain't seen nothin' yet!"

Saved By The Bell

Does anyone remember that show?