Friday, March 09, 2007

What are little boys made of?

Let me tell ya, it AIN'T sugar and spice and all things nice! Here are some observations about our boy, Kai:

-Anything that REMOTELY resembles a sword (i.e. butter knives, wooden spoons, sticks, rulers, pencils) should be considered dangerous in his hands. "I POKE YOU!" His fav now is to get butter knives out of the dishwasher and "fight" them, one in each hand. This morning he even found a sharp knife and thankfully I was right there to grab it before the damage was done!

-By 8:30 a.m. his shirt will undoubtedly be sporting spots of a beverage, something sticky, and either chocolate or dirt. HOW?????

-Great delight is found in chasing anything that will run...Oh! There's Sissy and I have a stick..."I CHASE YOU! " "EEEEEEEEK! Maaaawwwmmmy, he's getting me!"

-A picture says a thousand words:

-Helmets are a good thing...he probably should always be wearing one...if you haven't seen it on Our Silly Rabbits, he acquired quite the war wound a couple months ago. This week, he careened down the neighbors' driveway on his trike and scraped the same spot on his forehead. Guess there isn't much control riding Flintstone-style.

Even so, Kai still has a sweet, tender side. He has a great love for any stuffed animal...this week yellow puppy and orange kitty are getting lots of extra care...even rides in the dolly stroller. He never wants you to tuck him into bed without a lullaby and a love and a kiss. He loves little babies like our friends Tatum and Jet and cousins Zaritha and Stella.

What a gift and delight he is to us!

So, if you have any good boy-stories...please share!

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