Sunday, March 25, 2007

Garden Pix #1

Okay, so here's the fab and famous "Mel's Mix" getting mixed on our huge camping tarp. Seeing the stuff for real was a thing of beauty! I mean, really, how exciting is composted cow manure & mushrooms, peat moss and the much-sought-after COARSE vermiculite!!! (Yes, I am a garden NERD, and proud of it, thank you very much). I ended up having to have the course vermiculite special ordered...but it only took one day...kudos for the great service at Suburban Lawn & Garden!

Here is one of my helpers, my niece Naomi, who I may mention, is a big fan of dirt! She is standing by the bed that will eventually hold our strawberries. The planting mix is in and now I just need to add the grid, plants and mulch. Dude, strawberry plants are expensive! Like, six bucks a pop...I'm going to have to find a cheaper route than where I've looked so far. I need at least 16 plants...and really want the specific varieties that I've found in my research. Why do I have to be such a perfectionist in some things?

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