Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Happy Fat Tuesday!

So tomorrow Lent begins...I've never before given up/taken up anything for this season. Growing up around Catholic friends, I observed lots of "NO POP" or "NO GUM" Lent attempts, but had NO CLUE what any of it was about.

Older and somewhat wiser now, here goes nothing...

No MySpace, no surfing Cake Central---yeeeiiikes! (I'm reserving the right to visit CC if needed for TSL!)

The challenge is from Rustin - my friend & pastor and only rock star that knows my name (not to mention one of the whopping 3-4 people that I think read my blog) - a challenge to create more space for God during the season of Lent...and he's right...giving up chocolate isn't going to make a hoot of a difference to me...but giving up free surfing and lollygagging on those two sites...it's a bigger deal than it should be! Hey, I might even blog more often--about serious spiritual things of course :-) .

Peace, Resa

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Rustin S said...

You're awesome, Resa! What do you think about the fact that I haven't even figured out what I'm doing for Lent yet?! Ahh! I think I know, but I'm kicking and screaming all the way to the end - a sure sign that God has a lot of work to do with me...again.

It's an encouragement to go through this season together with you and our church. Making space for God to work - this is a good thing, indeed.