Friday, February 02, 2007

American self-Idolatry

I really enjoy watching American Idol...well, enjoy may not be the correct word for the first auditions...sometimes they require cringing or hitting the DVR fast-forward button. Anyway, last year the small group I was in discussed the cultural peril of being TOTALLY self-delusional in one or more aspects of our lives. This epidemic is magnified by American Idol and other similar shows.

Today I ran across a good read that discusses this in more detail and the spiritual aspects that go with it...Michael Craven is the author.

And if you want another fun audition show to watch...check out Grease, Your the One That I Want. Totally cheese-ball entertainment and some really BAD performances and certainly makes Idol look like they've got it all together (format wise etc.)...but fun still if you're a Grease fan! Now, only if I could sing...I could be on Broadway...oh, I self-deluded? Probably, but don't tell me about's a happy place!

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Rustin S said...

Wow. Great article. This is challenging:

"...the Gospel cannot be understood as an addendum to an already well-lived life. Becoming a follower Christ demands a whole new orientation in one's life away from the self and a new understanding applied to the whole of reality."

This is essentially what I was trying to say here.