Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Naught so Resolute Resolutions

Every year starts with the similar run down, right? Eat better, work out, read this, don't do that...etc. etc.

I decided to give life a little twist this time around and take things on the lighter side:

My 2012 List of Stuff I Might Decide To Do More Often

1. Watch more TV. Esp. BBC.
2. Indulge in more chocolate.
3. And cookie dough.
4. Don't worry about the dirty kitchen floor.
5. Let the kids fight it out.
6. Enforce naptimes. For myself.
7. Give away more money.
8. Start school whenever we've all ate breakfast. Even if that's 10.
9. Keep my nails painted. Nicely. But don't pay for a manicure.
10. Love freely. Love deeply. Love much.

Have a wondrous 2012 friends!


momma24 said...

Those are great resolutions!

SJ said...

I like it ... very liberating :)

Amy said...

just read these--great! especially love the idea of enforcing naptime for me:)