Saturday, January 14, 2012

French Twist with Side Braid

Ooooh, aren't you lucky! I'm such a techie blogger that you get to see today's hairstyle via not-quite-in-focus pictures from my phone. Wheee! (Can you imagine how jealous I am of the gals who really know how to do this the right way? Thanks for putting up with me!)

I've seen a lot of messy buns lately with the bangs Frenched on one side, and since I prefer a twist to a bun, I thought I'd give it a shot.

First, part your front on the side and begin to French braid at an angle to the back, but only pick up hair with the bottom strand. (Typically you pick up hair with each crossover...for this you just cross the strand closest to the top of your head without picking up additional hair.) Stop braiding when you get about above your ear or so. Secure with a clear elastic. Loosen the braid by tugging on the strands from the top to the bottom.

Now gather all your hair (including the tail of your braid) into a low pony and begin to twist upwards close along your head. BTW, those waves in my straight hair are left over from yesterday's Twisty Bun.

Take that tail and fold it in half then roll it into the "pocket" you have formed by twisting the pony up.

Using a flexi clip (you have one, right? If not, you need one...go to my Lilla Rose website over there--->in the sidebar) insert the pin along the scalp at the top of the twist and hold the hair like so (see my pointer finger grasping the twist?). You CAN use bobbies to hold this twist, but depending on the texture of your hair, it could take 2 or 20 (for me, about 10 and they will fall out!).

Bend the beaded loop of the flexi over the twist and secure the pin through the other side, locking it in place: click, click, click.

Here we go! Watch this video to see this in action:

Here's the side view:

Aaaand the not-quite-enough-sleep-but-I'm-up-doing-my-hair front view, hmmmmm:

Thanks for checking this out! I hope you can have as much fun as I do playing with some new do's!

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