Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Fun Hair-Dos

Okay, I'm not a "junkie" yet, but Pinterest has piqued my interest in more fun hair styles! I've tried several and posted them on my Lilla Rose facebook page, but thought I would put a few up here.

Today's do, and actually not even from Pinterest! I've done this before but it's holding the best ever today.

It's called the Gibson Tuck. You start with a low topsy-tail, then if you have shorter hair you tuck the tail up into the pocket formed when you flipped the pony. Mine is too long to do that...the tail falls/pokes out through the rolled sides. So I twisty braided the tail and rolled it into a kind of bun and secured it with a flexi clip (you do own one of these now, don't you?). Fabulous. Didn't even need a single bobby pin!

I found this one on The Small Things Blog. It's her Notty or Nice Holiday Hairstyle. I really like it and will wear it again soon...this was just a late-night trial.

And finally, the braided bun from The Beauty Department:

Eric really likes this. I wore it for one of our family Christmas get-togethers and found it to be surprisingly comfy. I counted at least 24 bobby pins to hold up the five braids all day, but it held nice & solid and flat to my head so I could lean back in the car on the drive down. I thought the flexi added some bling but didn't end up leaving it in...maybe a little TOO much in the fancy department LOL.

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