Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Food Fun!

We've just been having a ball in the kitchen this holiday season! Besides all the gingerbread mania, we got crafty for Thanksgiving making Turkey Day Dinner cupcakes and Mr. Potato Turkeys.

Elena is hard at work adding melted chocolate "gravy" over the slices of turkey. Each cupcake plate included green peas, mashed potatoes with melted butter (not fried eggs, thank you very much), and some cranberry sauce on the side. The recipe was on Family Fun's website...I just love their ideas! So much that I just subscribed for another year of their magazine. Too cute

These are my cutie-patootie nieces posing with their Mr. Potato Turkeys...another Family Fun idea. They were potatoes with onion wings, pepper feathers and carrot beaks with cashew waddles. Cute, cute, cute (the turkeys too!).

Then today we were at it again...this time with mini-gingerbread houses for teacher gifts and reindeer cookies for the kids' Cookies and Carols event tomorrow.

Elena and Kai are really starting to be pros at the decorating side of things...I just give them each a bag of frosting and a pile of candy and they hit it! Before you start thinking how nice that would be, please take a look at what they left behind.

And my poor kitchen ends up in this state more often than I would like! Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow....?

Ahhh, my favorite part of all this is that these are memories in the making! I remember making Christmas cookies with my family probably more than any other annual event. Ya know, the sprinkles in the cracks of the table, the crunch of red hots that are smothering the star shaped sugar cookie, the thrill of using your favorite cookie cutter each year (I like our stocking and star ones)!

Here's hoping you're enjoying some family traditions at your house! Blessings ~Resa

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Tea Girl said...

What fun. . . and such darling results. Yes, your kids will have great memories of these times:)