Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New Fun & Not-So-Fun News

First the new FUN! Our bookshelves/cabinets are in! Ooooh, they are purrrty too! Eric is attaching the magnetic latches as I type. After several unsuccessful trips to the big box hardware stores looking for door and drawer hardware, I found EXACTLY what I wanted in about 30 seconds at Locks & Pulls over in Overland Park this afternoon. Woot! Plus I got my rockin' peacock feather turquoise curtains from Pier 1 for the office window. Love them! I will post a photo once everything is in place. I have a few more books and do-dahs to add to the shelves.

Now the not-so-fun news...I got my test results back from the allergist today. No more cinnamon rolls for this woman. No more nothin' pretty much. You ready for this bad-boy list of foods that are to be off limits?

1. Cheese, ALL kinds
2. Milk
3. Gluten-which includes all wheat, oats etc.
4. Oranges
5. Yeast
6. Sugar
7. Eggs
8. Soybeans

How 'bout them apples? Go ahead and feel sorry for me...I am currently accepting all forms of sympathy. Believe me, the tears have flown more than once today. So, I really don't have that much to say right now. My heart is heavy, though I'm sure it will feel good to be healthy...and who knows, maybe I'll gain 20 pounds...considering I've lost 5 in the last 6 weeks it will be good for me...plus...new clothes!

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. ~Phil. 4:13


Jenny Kutz said...

So after reading your latest post, I had to scroll down to read the background of your allergies. Wow girl! That's a tall order of ingredients to give up. Although I applaud your mad cooking skills to create some alternative recipes. So you are actually trying to gain some weight? Wouldn't eliminating sugar and bread keep you really thin?

Resa said...

Yup, Jenny, it is making me lose for now...but what I'm hoping is that as my body heals and becomes healthier I may actually be able to gain after years of perhaps not getting all the nutrients I need as result of the alleric reactions that have been going on unbeknownst (that's a word isn't it?) to me.