Thursday, July 01, 2010

Crown Center Summer!

First, good news! We have yet another new niece, Mariah Nicole Eastwood! She was born early this morning to Travis and Kim. That's 4 girls in 5 years. Awesome. My good friend Christi also had her fourth bambino today...a precious little girl named Lucy. Congratulations to both the Hays and the Eastwoods!

The kids and I headed out for a day of adventure yesterday morning. Our annual summer trip to Crown Center! We usually try to go with all our Vox friends but we already have a commitment the day they have set so off we went!

We're practicing picnicking all we can this summer, so our stop at Fritz's was just to get CLA's at the counter. Yum!

The free kiddo exhibit for the next couple months is a Clifford theme-land.

There was something for all of them...Kai liked the bone conveyor, Elena the color-a-picture and mail it station and Zane the baby play-area.

They all had lots of fun! It was time for our picnic and running through the fountains!!!

Wheeeee! What a gorgeous day...85 or so, light breeze and SUNNY.

I mistakenly thought Zane baby would want to get wet, but he was pleased as punch to toddle around exploring the square and inspecting everyone else's stroller.

And speaking of strollers, here's the "new" one we picked up for him early in the morning. We drove up to Liberty to make a craiglist momma happy as we drove off with her old rig. It's not lightweight, but it's very similar to my old one that I love...EXCEPT it sits straight up!! Yay! Zane didn't want to get out of it. Plus, he can't kick off the tray, excellent.

I can fit it in the back-back of the van almost as easy as the old one, so for $20, I'm one happy momma. Oh, it's a '07 Graco Quattro Tour...and aqua (yeeee!).

Oh yes, can't forget my own souveinier:


Anonymous said...

Thought of you all today. Not related to this post, just had a bunch of folks over for a July 4th party on the 5th. We played cards and the fun and humble memories came rushing back. How many years did the boys win? Anyway, love reading your blog and seeing your babies growing up!


Christi said...

Aw, thanks for the congrats shout out!

Clifford looks like a good time. Wonder how long he'll be around. Jimmy was going to take some time off and do some fun stuff with the bigguns. Looks like that could rate!