Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Overzealous Patient

Back to the allergist's office I went today for my first round of shots. The nurse inquired about how I was feeling with the diet changes.
I talked for minute and then she exclaimed "You didn't cut out everything that came back positive at once did you?!"

Me: "Uhhh, yeah...I thought it was a 'don't eat any of this'/'only eat this' situation so I've been cold turkey on the whole deal."

Nurse: "Oh, no! Drop ONE food at a time for 7-10 days and then add the next highest offender."

Me (to myself): "Now how in the world did I miss this little tidbit of information?"

Me (outloud): "Oh, okay, that makes life a little better."

Now, I'm still a little befuddled at how the rotary diet works into this...I need to call them tomorrow for clarification. I think I can eat everything on my daily list, plus some of my offenders but minus the ones I have eliminated? That doesn't make much sense. Ugh! This is so confusing. However, I quickly determined that since cheese and milk were my #1's, I'd keep those at bay and went ahead and drove through Wendy's for a burger. Ahhhhh. Yum. I just should have had them add bacon (pork is on my no-no list too). The adventure continues.


Christi said...

I'm not sure if I've voiced this, or just thought it (I've been on some pretty good pain killers lately. ;) ), but I am so curious to chat and hear more about this. I'm so sorry...I can't imagine doing this! But, yay for a Wendy's burger sister!!!!!

Angie said...

Hey Resa! I've had really good luck with baked good/bread recipes from this website: You can easily substitute the eggs with other products. I grew up with Ener-G egg replacer but we've tried all sorts of stuff over the years like ground up flax seeds. I'll make sure to pass along some yummy recipes when I come across them!