Sunday, June 06, 2010

Sunday Morning Garden Tour

This is the day that the Lord has made! Ah, nothing like a beautiful Sunday morning to refresh the spirit! We are in the midst of painting two bedrooms and finishing the three bookcase/cabinets so a quiet morning is indeed a blessing. Up before the need to rush around getting ready for church, I took some garden pictures making the rounds of the house while the kiddos picked fresh strawberries for breakfast.
FINALLY! We have blueberries! Only a few clusters, but I'll take 'em after years of waiting. Next time we move into a house one of the first things on my to-do list will be to plant at least half a dozen blueberry bushes.

This is the semi-neglected West side of my house. The peonies in the background are faded and gone...I cut the last one yesterday so I could savor its beauty a little bit longer.
Well, not much of a garden, but our garage is full of the woodworking project. They are almost done! Kudos for the awesome paint guy who took the time to custom match the stain to the color of my office armoire. Right now Eric and I's nail beds even match!

Still bloomin'!

The East side with my never-blooming hydrangeas. And much in need of mulching!

More berries to come! Every morning we have fresh ones and have the ardent task of deciding what we should use them for. Often we munch while we think and then they're gone.

Sweet peas! I actually don't really like peas and I'm not sure anyone else in our house does either. But they look pretty and evidently we can grow them just fine. Ha.

Kai and I found baby veggies this JetStar tomatoes...

And a tiny baby zuchinni!

I worked so long on this bed yesterday that my body hurts. There are landscape bricks around the edge that the grass had creeped between. I dug it all out, pulled all the weeds and mulched. Much better though the bright sun makes it hard to capture it's beauty on camera!

Last but not least, my hosta bed. They are doing okay this year and the slugs haven't completely skeletonized them yet. My favorite thing? The simple hanging basket I scored on sale at Ace this week...deep red fancy geraniums and the trailing little white flower stuff all in a pretty brownish pot. Hung next to our hummingbird feeder which, according to Kai, had its first visitor this morning!

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