Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Little House on Sandpiper Street

Yay! A beginning to my summer series has, what else? Begun! I've been mulling around a bunch of bloggerish ideas for awhile and have decided it's time to delve in. My motivation for a "Little House" post is coming from a diverse group of events from the past several months. A couple of those are that we, like any book-loving family of elementary aged children, are reading through the Laura Ingalls Wilder series and I went to a funeral. Yup, that's weird (explanation to follow).

  • Gardening (I know, surprise, surprise)
  • More on Going Green
  • Childhood Enjoyed
  • Developing a Quiet & Peaceful spirit
  • Lifetime Learning
  • Homemaking Simplified

So come along with me and maybe you can help me figure some of this stuff out! Especially the simplification of homemaking (I think I even made that description more complicated than needed). How about "Simple Living". I think that's one of my sister's catch-phrases.

Ooohh, you want an explanation about the funeral motivation? Okay. Eric's Great-Grandma, Lorraine, passed away last month at the age of 89. She was a dear. I did not know her well, but she was always a quiet presence sitting to the side of the room at the Dunlop family gatherings. Her service was beautiful, the weather fittingly rainy, yet the mood was one of peace as she now is with her Lord Jesus. I learned more about her life from the remarks from her long-time pastor in the short service than I had in the 16 years around the family. But of her time as a mother of young children, I still know little. Her obituary said that her marriage was blessed with three children and then described many of the servant-like occupations she endeavored as a faithful homemaker. I love all that! I love that her children were able to rise up and call her blessed! But I want to know her story! How in the world did she take in extra laundry, sewing and raise puppies AND children??

So for this, I am writing. Not so much for you, dear reader, but for my own kiddos and theirs. My grand plan is still to turn this blog into a scrapbook...(I wrote about that last year)! And since I'm in goal-making mode right now, it's going to happen. Then someday, maybe one of them will actually take the time to crack it open...maybe after I croak...but then they'll have PLENTY of fuel for writing up this phase of my life, because brief as it may be, the days are long and full and I want them to know all about it (and hopefully learn from all my mistakes)!!

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