Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The Cloth Adventure Continues

Almost 15 months in to the cloth diapering adventure around here and we're going strong. The stinkies have yet to come back...still being a rebel and washing in Tide and using a touch of bleach. Here are some pictures of my current favorite system: A super-soft LoveyBums jersey knit wool cover over a Mother-Ease one-size (MEOS in diaper lingo) diaper with snap in doubler.

He sure has a nice bubble but, but it's cool, soft and looks comfy (the tears are just the "but I want the camera mama" version)! I've finally found the wool love with these lightweight covers...before I was trying to use their snap-in diaper (they call that a LIO or LoveyBum-In-One) but it was not absorbent enough for Z-man. Having a nice thick fitted under it has done the trick!

At night I opt for a completely natural fiber dipe under a heavier wool cover or occasionally a PUL Mother-Ease Air-Flow cover. The MEOS occasionally get a faint ooky smell with the all night #1...maybe the touch of poly in them? Not sure, so I go for my bamboozle or a LoveyBums organic cotton fitted with doubler.

Since I don't stick to one system continuously, prefolds with Thirstie covers are always on hand. They work really well for Daddy, who can't handle all the snaps on the fitteds! I stack up a few covers with the dipes tri-folded inside and reassure him it will be just as easy as a sposie. He only freaks out now when #2 shows up and he gets to test out the diaper sprayer. One day he left the soaked (but thankfully completely sprayed off) dipe in the bathtub as he didn't know if he should put it in the pail. Oh dear!

All-in-all, thumbs up for not dropping the $$ for disposables! I've sold almost every diaper or cover that he's outgrown so I'm planning on breaking even and diapering this final bambino for almost free! Wheee!

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Reesa said...

I am in the process of selling all of my daughter's diapers she has outgrown. The resell value is great! I think if more people really sat down and did the math they would at least look into cloth diapers!