Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Room Redo Time!

Well, call me crazy, but I've let my kiddos help me redo their rooms...and I'm talking more than just let the pick out colors and themes....I let them paint. Am I crazy? Probably. But I sure learned not to underestimate the determination of an excited 7 and 5 year old! They are really good!

Elena was a super go-getter with the roller and we knocked out the two coats in her room in just one day. It's super-fab now that it's all done and back together. I'll post pics later once they're both all done.

Uh-oh! That can't be good.

Kai's room has a chair rail, so that doubles the cut-in time, plus the dark color we chose needed 2-3 coats. I THINK it's all done now and ready to be put back together. That's my job for the next 45 minutes...if I get this post knocked out!

He'll always know that is on the wall behind the layers and layers!

I must say I was so sad to paint over the ladybug room...it's been my favorite in the house for years. But the camo green is pretty cool and looks much more like a hang out for my little guy than the pretty fair yellow with red scalloped trim!

Okay, and now for the picture of the weirdest craft project request I've received yet.

Kai has a new pet blue jay, complements of the gal having a garage sale giving away the beanie-babies that were SUPPOSED to pay for her daughter's college education (ha). Since he got him, he's been wanting a "black shirt with a skull face with teeth and the two bone things x'd underneath" for him. His name is SpikeyBones. I finally figured out that a cut up lone black sock would make a great shirt. Add a bit of fabric paint and wah-lah! I love little boys!

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Jason, Lisa, Olivia & Annalie said...

I made a Barbie dress out of a sock the other day! Looks like fun.