Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hippopotamus Butt!

We don't have tons of trees in our yard, therefore, leaves are something my kiddos wait around for with great anticipation come fall. When our big maple finally drops (Starr, if your reading this, it's the one we dug up in TN & planted when we moved here...already big enough for a swing and climbing!) the kids go to town making piles and having fun!

Elena is so ticklish that getting buried in leaves makes for a giggle-fest!

Kai, on the other hand, quietly lies in wait as the self-proclaimed "leaf monster"...ready for ambush!

Arrrrrgggggrrrraaaa! The leaf monster awakes! Watch out!

Both kiddos love to climb up in the this point they still need a little help getting up there though (probably a good thing!) Now, here's the hippo butt part of my little story...have you ever tried to get these two to both smile without making silly, goofy faces or just dead-panning the camera? Well, it's a trick. So this day, I decided to try getting them to giggle and said "Say Hippopotamus Butt!" and it worked! Now, every time someone is grouchy or sad (usually Elena), Kai pipes in with a cheerful "This will make you feel better 'hippopotamus butt'! Giggle, giggle, giggle". They are just loveable!

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