Saturday, December 06, 2008

Baby Bellies

This is the first time Jodi and I have been expecting at the same we can always be genuinely empathetic to each other as we share the trials of being pregnant & still being "on" as mommies to our other munchkins. Though, I have to admit, I think I have it easier than her since they are remodeling their house, potty-training Stella and she's due in only 6 weeks (isn't that right?).

So here's our cheesy baby belly picture taken at Thanksgiving. These babes will hopefully be great friends like our other kids are. I'm hoping we both have boys...but just one day around Kai and Jo is hoping she has another girl! (He has that affect on expectant mothers for some reason!)

As for our husbands...well, we just don't know what to say...

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