Monday, July 11, 2011

Branson 2011

We've actually gone on more than one vacation this summer, so while I'm on a are some pix from our Branson adventure over Memorial Day weekend. It's actually not one of my favorite places to go, HOWEVER, we managed to steer way clear of the cheesy strip of putt-putt courses and corny showplaces for an enjoyable long weekend!

My Dad and Step-Mom, Charlotte, traded for a week at a Branson timeshare in order to experience a different place than the Rockies and to have us join them for part of their stay. The resort was very right on Lake Tanycomo out our back door.

I don't think we caught anything during the hot afternoon.

Later, I saw a HUGE school of fish hanging out just over the bank from our balcony. I thought just maybe I could catch one from up there and impress everyone with my awesome angler skills. Kai warned that I shouldn't try as I'd probably get tangled in a tree. Guess who was right?

Between several trips to the indoor pool we spent some time at Branson Landing, which is a very nice outdoor shopping area on the lake. Unfortunately, because of recent flooding, the fountains and light show was under repair, but it still made for a pretty backdrop for our group photo.

The flooding meant disc golf was out too. The course looked like a swamp. But balloon animals are always a hit. Same with candy stores. Can't go wrong there!

We opted to pass on the Mardi Gras masks. They were entertaining though!

So even if you're not a lake person, a show go-er, or putt-putt player, Branson can be a nice little getaway, especially if you have good company! Just please don't make me go for a week on the strip...just shoot me now!

Thanks Dad & Char for more great memories!!!


Amy said...

And guess where the Andersons are going at the end of August? :)

Christi said...

I just booked a condo, near both Taneycomo and Tablerock, for some time in August. I think Tablerock is actually closer. You'll have to let me know what else you did...we will probably do some touristy crap, as that's what the kids truly love to do. ;)

Resa said...

Mr. G's Chicago Style Pizza in old downtown was a definite fav! Really great hole-in-the-wall with great food. We also have been a couple times to Garfield's to eat at Branson Landing. Great atmosphere and very kid friendly w/good food! Other than that it was mainly swimming and shopping :)