Sunday, July 15, 2007

Put Your Pants On!

I've said that phrase WAY too many times over the last couple week. Oh---not to Eric---Kai is potty training! He's actually pretty well done potty training & we are super glad--can you say no diapers to buy?! Now we just need to find a trick to get him to put his own pants back on when he's done. Not so bad when we're inside...but one evening while playing outside, I gave him permission to do the all-time favorite boy thing of peeing outside in the yard. He now will drop his drawers at the first inclining when out then stand there hollering for me to help cause he can't run to me with his pants around his ankles!

So moms of other boys say we're lucky since Kai isn't yet 2 1/2 and pretty much fully trained. I think it all depends on the kid for the most part...but as with many parenting issues (i.e. wearing hats, taking naps, keeping rooms clean etc.), a bit of actual, hands-on training goes very far. A friend gave me the book "Toilet Training In Less Than A Day" when Elena was little. Though it didn't work exactly in one day as the title implies, it sure does teach the routine of getting to the potty quickly, pulling the pants down, dumping the little pot in the commode, flushing and putting the pot back! They are also supposed to learn to pull their pants back up, but as I mentioned before, that part we somehow missed. But no asking them 20 times a day if they have to "go" or setting the timer and taking them every 20 minutes for 6 months...I think they call that "Mommy training". They learn to know when to get there quick!

We waited to start until he was staying dry during naps and mostly at night. Did the book...he wasn't interested but learned the steps. Waited a few REAL tired of changing gross poop...and just tried again by totally stopping diapers and putting him in cloth training pants (pull-ups only for outings and bed). That was the 18th of June. Today's the 15th of July. Last week while visiting at my sister's he stopped using the training potty and is on the big dude. We're going to purchase real "big boy" pants today! Pshew! Yay! Good Luck if it's in your future!

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