Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Boy Stories

Today's outing was a marvy trip to Crown Center. We took in a play at the Coterie Children's Theatre then had a picnic at the food court and headed for the annual running through the fountains...a KC tradition that I hope will be a fond memory for my munchkins!

Here are two snapshots of the adventure of being mom to a little boy:

#1. Eat lunch at food court. Change boy into trunks in food court w/towel wrapped around him. Done. Turn attention to Elena. Turn back around to watch boy. He's gone. Another little kid says "he's up there" and points to the escalator. Sure enough. Boy rode all the way to the top by himself and was trying to scooch himself back on to ride down the "up" side. I sprint up the steps two at time -- pull something somewhere -- and grab him just as a custodian helps pull him off and away from danger. Jeeeeez.

#2 Ma'am--is that your little boy?? I look up to see Kai w/his pants around his ankles, happily peeing in the grass next to 100 other children merrily running in the fountains! All the parents around are as any good mom, I yank out my camera and take a shot while running towards him to help pull up his trunks. "I go-ed Mommy!"

Ya just never know what's going to happen next, do ya?

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