Saturday, July 14, 2007


A few of my posts start out about one thing in my head, then morph into something with a bit wider scope. Today I went garage saling (I know, SHOCKER, to those of you who know me)...and I thought I'd blog about my fab finds. Being that saling (that's my own term, thank you) is one of my more frivolous passions in life, it made me reflect on what the other passions are that define the essential "me". Hmmm...I think I maybe have been reading too many philosopher's blogs.

So...sort of off the top of my head, here are my top few passions in life:

1. Pursuing excellence as a wife and mother. This involves lots of development of relationships with others in order to obtain experienced and trustworthy well as lot of reading...lots of God's good grace...oh, yes, and trial and error! Hopefully as time goes by, more trials will result in fewer errors!
2. Contributing to furthering God's kingdom through serving the community of the local church. Building relationships, deepening my pursuit of Godliness and hopefully becoming more the woman Christ wants me to be.
3. Homemaking...the ongoing process of making my physical home a refuge and comfortable environment for my family and visitors. Unfortunately, this DOES involve cleaning...I'm working on yet another system to make that process as easy as possible (there's a post floating around in my brain about that).
4. Ah, YES, GARAGE SALING! This spring-fall pursuit of the "find" is really a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of "normal" shopping that must be done in order to accomplish #3 above and sometimes even #1. If I could somehow manipulate it to serve #2 I'd be ecstatic!

There are probably more things I could add to this list, or perhaps SHOULD add to this list...but being that this isn't a course exam or will do for now.

Okay, so now onto my good finds of the day:

#1 A Nordic Ware mini bundt pan for 50 cents! Retails around $30. I've wanted one of these for a while. The molds on mine are all the classic fluted bundt shape.

#2 A VTech Kid's Laptop for Kai. Elena plays her "Barbie computer" laptop constantly and Kai also loves it (he doesn't care yet about the boy/girl distinctions like playing with something all shades of pink and a dancing princess on the front). This will likely be a Christmas or BD gift for him. Oh, $1, btw.

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