Tuesday, May 22, 2012

'Do of the Day #5: Tails Up Twist for Long Hair

The Tails-Up Twist is a super popular hairstyle for women of all ages. Most of us have worn this look with the ubiquitous claw clip making it a practical, but somewhat uncomfortable and unsecure--don't EVEN think of putting your head back on a chair or headrest of a car with a claw holding it up--OUCH!

Add to all that the fact that longer than shoulder length locks gives you more of a floppy rooster tail than a cute little fluff at the top! I've been determined to figure something out so I can wear this style again...wah-lah! Using a Lilla Rose flexi clip to hold it up, I can tuck the longer ends into the twist on either side and they stay put--comfortably--all day! Perfect!

I wanted to make it fancy for a girls' day out with my sister, so I braided a bit of hair above my ear and wrapped it around like a headband.  It is secured with a couple bobby pins just behind the opposite ear.
As a final touch, I swept my long-ish bangs over to the side (again used a couple bobbies) and sprayed it all with flexible hairspray.

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