Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Gratitude Project

My dear friend Amy has started a blog. Or should I say: My dear friend Amy has started a blog!!! I'm very excited because in the relatively short time I have known her, she has poured so much wisdom into my little life that I'm anxious to learn more from and about her. Not to mention her witty sense of humor that I totally "get". Or that her suggestion of going the Charlotte Mason-way has completely revamped the look of homeschool at our house.

Anyway, Monday she posted that she has joined the Gratitude Community at A Holy my poor old browser (yes, I'm still complaining about my old computer...9 days and counting) couldn't handle that blog for some reason so I didn't make it over there to check out the details...but the gist is that you list 20 things you are grateful/thankful each Monday until you reach your goal.

I decided this was a great way to lead up to Thanksgiving around here so we started our Thanksgiving List. Indeed a great way to keep the focus off the ever-more-oft-mentioned Christmas Lists. 20 items a day should give us 200 blessings by Turkey Day; being Wednesday, we're up to 60...and it is a hodge-podge of yours-mine-and-ours as we have mass brain storming sessions to create the list with one rule: no repeats (though some are a bit close). I will attempt to not put side notes or sarcastic comments next to various items (but perhaps unfortunately, they are there in my brain!).

  1. Soccer
  2. T-Ball
  3. Christmas
  4. Food
  5. Yummy-yummy food
  6. My room
  7. My canopy
  8. My coach-Daddy
  9. Tackle box
  10. My husband who works hard to care for all of us
  11. Television
  12. Movies
  13. Clothes
  14. The world
  15. An unseasonably warm fall
  16. Summer
  17. Sunny days
  18. Sidewalk chalk drawings
  19. Naomi, Stella & Ava
  20. Disc golf
  21. Discs
  22. Hole-in-ones
  23. Playing disc golf with Vince & Jeremy
  24. Drinking beer w/Jeremy
  25. Free beer from Jeremy
  26. Randyl's new job
  27. Eating candy
  28. Zane
  29. Chase, Will & Mia
  30. Ice cream
  31. Sleeping
  32. New windows
  33. The piano
  34. Neighbor Kim
  35. Caden & Marin
  36. David & Kayla
  37. Good friends
  38. Grandmas & Grandpas
  39. Our whole family
  40. Elena
  41. Kai
  42. Dear sister Jodi
  43. Warm sweaters
  44. My bed
  45. books
  46. cowboy boots
  47. bicycles
  48. snowglobes
  49. playgrounds
  50. hot tea
  51. close soccer fields @ the park
  52. Miss Kim's pool
  53. hats
  54. snuggles from little ones
  55. our van
  56. markers
  57. chalk
  58. Halloween
  59. Thanksgiving
  60. my drawings

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Tea Girl said...

I love that you're all doing this. Great list:) And, a smile of thanks your way!