Monday, November 15, 2010

The Countdown is On...

Just 11 more days until we order our new Mac! I'm so excited I could do a little happy dance...but I'll save that for next Friday. Evidently the ONLY day of the year Mac offers a sale is Black Friday so we are jumping on it. We have a couple other avenues to pursue discount-wise, but this one is the easiest. Plus, who doesn't want to go join the throngs of shoppers that day?

To give you an idea of how old this current puter's a Mac PowerBook G4 running Mac OS X 10.3.9, gifted to us already loved back in 2004 or so. We've added memory and more memory and upgraded everything we can to keep it functional, but now it's nearly impossible to mess with pictures or do much anything but basics online. (One reason my blogging is sporadic as I have to gear myself up to jump through the hoops getting pictures uploaded every time.)

Once we get our new iMac I have big plans!
  • I'm signing up for One to One at the Apple store to learn all kinds of new goodies and to figure out the best way to transfer all our old info to the new machine.
  • I'm going to make photobooks! Lots of them!
  • I'm going to give my blog a face lift by revamping the design, adding in some tech-savvy widgets that I've studied over at Erica's Confessions blog, and start writing regularly again, just for fun!
To some people that all might sound like torture of the worst kind, but I'm excited for cold winter evenings spent cozied up to the soft glow of the computer screen...mixed in with a few good Austen and Austen-esqe books, of course.

My Monday thoughts have been dwelling there for a bit...otherwise it's so far been a good day!

I finally found the world's best (read: cheap, works and is green) degreasing cleaner for the kitchen and scrubbed all my cabinets and appliances PLUS under the hood above the stove. I confess, I just don't go there usually. I really didn't think there was something that would easily clean all that gunk w/o the use of a gas mask. It's washing soda! Arm&Hammer makes it and I bought it to use as a laundry booster, but saw it's claims on the side of the box and took it for a whirl. Whoo-hoo! The only drawback is that you must rinse, but seriously, anything that will wipe stuck on gunk off with a simple swipe of a cloth is a miracle worker for me.

We have Bunco tonight, and though I'm not in the running for Bunco Queen this year, I'm super excited to see who wins the big pot!! Pretty sure it will be Sara or Angie. Kim is hosting but we're playing here at my pad. Shall be good times!

Our toads have stopped eating even though we recently cleaned out their entire tank. Go figure. I'm going to have to kill the chirpin' crickets that are crawling around their abode so we can all sleep in peace.

Ah, I guess I should stop procrastinating finishing up school with the kids and maybe doing my floors before my friends come over and stick to the tiles with their shoes. Toot-a-loo!

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