Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Great Henna Experiment Continues

I have final before/after pics of my own henna'ed head at the end of this post, but this time it was my sister Jodi's turn! Her head has about twice as much hair on it as mine...we're talking a veritable mop. It's beautiful, thick and naturally wavy (jealous!).

We're glad our husbands are such good sports with all the hair coloring experiments we've tried over the years. Nate looks like he thinks we're crazy or something! I can't imagine why?

It took every last bit of 300g's of henna mixed with lemon juice and some raspberry tea to stretch it to cover her locks. It was a heavy load on top of her head!

Ahhh, but the results! This is day one for her...almost the same as my final color so I'm anxious to see how rich and dark it will get.

Here's my before (again) and....today, two weeks after henna. I think this experiment is a keeper!

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momma24 said...

Both of you look beautiful!