Tuesday, October 05, 2010

A Couple Firsts

Kai's first tooth...is missing! Yay!

His two bottom teeth were super wiggly so with a little help from Daddy with the pliers (yikes) out it came! This was last Sunday (9.26) I believe, and he pulled out his second one last night. The tooth fairy left him five golden dollars for the first one since it's extra special and two golden dollars last night.

I think Kai is most stoked because he's only 5 1/2 and Elena was 6 before she lost one. Plus, he's the first one of his Kindergarten buddies to pull one out!

Last week we also took Elena and Kai to their first KC Royals game.

I haven't been to the stadium since I was 13 so there were a bunch of changes, to say the least. The "Little K" area was fun to explore before the game. They did a couple of the ball games then rode the carousel.

Our seats were AWESOME (thanks Shawn) and we were ready for fly balls, but only "almost " caught a hot dog launched by the mascot dude (it actually was several rows away, but to Elena girl, that's almost). We also ran into one of our favorite neighbors, Miss Angie, and some of our friends, the Hodges...all sitting in our same section. That was fun times.

Oh, yes, and a giant E thanks to the Hall of Fame for our two family E-namers:

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