Friday, May 14, 2010

May Flowers & Veggies

What a great picture to start with! This is one of my little helpers...he evidently likes to snack on dirt. Eeww. We were planting some lettuce in a couple extra "squares" of the strawberry patch plot. By the end of this escapade he had also dumped one of the red buckets of water on himself and was soaked from the waist down. It didn't phase him...he was enjoying every minute.

I may have already posted this beauty, but here it is one and only's full and lush this year. This was one of the first blooms to open and was taken at dusk. Ahhhh.

So I feel like a cheater with my square foot garden this year. It was either too hot, too wet or somethin', but my lettuce seeds just didn't sprout...only 2 plants out of the 25 or so that I planted...well, two per hole, so really out of 50!! A flat of lettuce seedlings from the garden center solved that problem and wah-lah, instant garden!! This was right after planting:

Oh, boy! More cuteness.

I made two Mother's Day bouquets this year, one for me and one for my dear friend Hether. This was Hether's:

This was mine:

This beautiful vista is at my Mother-in-love, Cheri's. You can barely see the pond just to the right of the ivy covered tree trunk. I think a lot of these iris actually were originally from my mom's garden so it was a double special view for Mother's Day for me. Iris are one of my all-time favs.

This was taken this morning, it's been super wet this week and things are coming along. The strawberries are going nuts (foreground), plus there are 3 peppers and a few lettuce in with them.

In the main veggie bed I have 4 squares of spinach, 4 of different lettuce varieties, 2 squares of beans (9 ea), carrots (16), a pepper, 8 sweet peas climbing a tomato tower, one tomato (we don't eat many) and a zucchini. The tomato and zucchini will grow up the tower I made a few years ago from electrical conduit and nylon netting (smile).

Guess what we're having with pizza tonight? Mmmm...spinach salad! Oh yeah, I have herbs planted too on my deck...hopefully they'll do well again!

Happy Gardening!

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MADiSYAK said...

Beautiful flowera. I like the show.