Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Fourteen Years

Yesterday Eric and I celebrated 14 years of marriage! We went all-out: had our friends watch the kiddos, ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Jose Peppers, and made a quick Home Depot run. Ha. Isn't it funny how a simple evening can be just as great together as an elaborate event sometimes?

I worked on the "Album of Us" that I started four years ago as a gift to him. It's now almost complete up to 2006. I did 5 years worth of scrapbooking (1 8x8 page spread per year) in 2 hours yesterday afternoon. For a non-scrapper like myself, that's pretty darn good. This photo is one of my favorites. It's from our 10 year anniversary trip to San Diego. We were out to eat at a pizza place in Little Italy with Jodi and Nate. Ahh, great memories.

Well, babe, here's to all the years behind and ahead. Someday 14 years will seem like a drop in the bucket!

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