Friday, March 06, 2009

Bump, bump, ba-dump

Okay, so I'm a major blog slacker now that most of my online peeps are on facebook (you need to get over there if you're not). But since I keep having these "free" days pop up I'm slowly checking things to do off the floating list in my head. I really expected this baby to be born a couple weeks ago, so each day it keeps cooking is another blank slate!

Here are my baby bump pictures from this time around...don't ask me why, but this one is SO much smaller than my others...with Elena I gained almost 20 MORE pounds, even though I started out the same. Go figure! Must be that I was walking regularly in the first part of pregnancy and then have been chasing two munchkins the rest of the time.

8 months along with my fav Target non-maternity shirt. Eric took this picture and several others where he was making me laugh and look like a goof.

37 weeks (taken by Elena) would be what I hoped my last picture...HA!

38 weeks after being up for a few hours in the night with a sick Elena. One of those days spent in a fog. Kai was the photographer!

And finally 39 weeks and counting!!

That was Tuesday and this is Friday. My midwife says I'm progressing right along...already almost a 3 and 90% on Wednesday and yet we wait for our new little blessing to make an appearance. Hopefully my next day of posts will have pictures of a cute baby Lia or Zane!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful! And thanks for the update.