Friday, January 02, 2009

So Happy Together!

Tonight is a milestone around these parts. Elena and Kai are now officially "roommates"! I started just moving toys around and a couple shelves out of sissy's room, fully intending to make the move this weekend. After I asked Eric to help move a bookshelf though, he thought it silly to put it in place w/o Kai's bed in there too. So, there we have it...two munchkins "sleeping" (ha ha) side by side.

They've only whispered and giggled a few times...mostly due to the fact that we were out all day van shopping together and they are tired kiddos. Their room really is quite spacious and doesn't seem much more crowded with the second bed as it did with the previous furniture. Go figure.

Anyway, here's to all of us who have shared spaces with our siblings! Eric and I hope it deepens their love for one another, knocks Elena a little further off her diva pedestal, and helps form a host of memories for their little lives!

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Papa Frank said...

You mean kids can sleep in separate rooms?