Thursday, August 07, 2008

To can or not to can...

That is the question. I have a pile of vine ripened tomatoes from my garden patiently waiting on my counter...for something. I really want to make salsa and have even looked up a few recipes. But I'm chicken. Even the "easy" recipes seem labor-intensive and what if I spend all that time for something that turns out like ooky-gooky yuckiness? I know, I know, you'll never know unless you try.

Not to mention that my tomato plants now have something wrong with them so I don't want to waste the harvest I managed to snag. Cheri thinks they probably have a fungus or something. Ugh. I'm committed to keeping everything edible organic so I either need to do some research or just let them go. I'm leaning towards option two.

Okay so this vegetable gardening thing just isn't as enjoyable as flower gardening! With my flowers I can just stand back and admire their beauty. This photo is one of my favorite daylilies...Radiant Ruffles is her name and she is one of the beautimus gifts from my Aunt Cle.

Ahhh...well, I guess I should stop hem-hawing around and go do something...whether it be some flower maintenance or salsa prep.....hmmmmm....

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