Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh the joy of cooking!

I LOVE homemade chicken noodle soup! I cannot seem to make it like Mom. Believe it or not, this is one dish that she has a knack for cooking's even usual fare along with more traditional Thanksgiving or Christmas goodies.

Also, I HATE chopping veggies, cooking & deboning chicken, making noodles (ya, right)...all that stuff. So years ago I started using Reames frozen noodles....mmmmmm. Today I hit the jackpot as I was craving chicken noodle soup so bad I was planning on doing all the above mentioned hated tasks...and then, there it was, calling out to me from the HyVee freezer...Reames Chicken Noodle Soup Kit!!!!! (That's it in the box below)

Oh, I am soooo excited! It is simmering on the stove right took a whole 45 seconds to add the three packages (noodles, chicken & veggies, seasonings) to the boiling water (I CAN do that!). Oh, and there goes the buzzer. I may have to add a can of cream of chicken soup to ATTEMPT the creaminess of Mom's...but I have a feeling this is gonna be good.

UPDATE: Weelll, not as good as I had hoped, but certainly comforting. If you go for trying it, #1 DON'T ADD ANY SALT (I didn't and was sure glad) #2 maybe skip the cream of chicken addition too. It was a souper salty...when I checked the sodium levels on the labels...the chicken noodle kit had over 1000mgs and the cream of chicken, 800+mgs PER SERVING. Holy Cow, or Holy Salt Mine...whatever.

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