Thursday, May 22, 2008

Spring! Finally!

Ahhhh, the week I wait for all winter...iris in full bloom, peonies beginning to pop open with magnificantly large blossoms, clematis shining (M~mind out of gutter, please) and rose buds on the verge of bursting!!! There is color everywhere in my flower gardens and I just love it!

Now, typically I would spend about an hour now uploading some of the pix Eric, the kids and I have been taking this week, but instead I'm about to head back into the kitchen. It's a wedding weekend so instead of admiring the first rose blooms on my back fence, I'm crafting 30-some pink roses from gumpaste...they are perched on their little toothpicks and stuck in a piece of styrofoam on my dining room table. I have about 10 to go and one more batch of cake to bake so I'm off! Go see my sissie's blossoms on her blog if you want some pretty garden Later, R

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