Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Dozen Years!

Eric and I celebrated 12 years of marriage last weekend. Holy cow! Well, sometimes it feels that long and other times I think we're still kids...not "we HAVE kids"! Chuck and Cheri are always so great about watching the kids for a few days (we are very spoiled with all our parents!), so off we went to our current fav B&B in Lawrence.

Now, since the kiddos weren't with us, we didn't really think to use the camera to catch some of the sights of our retreat...but you're not missing much unless you count the movie theatre and the gunk that fell from the trees onto our car parked in the street. The muddy disc golf course was challenging and the shopping on Mass street fun...but snaps. So here's just us before we left the Halcyon House to go home.

And, 12 years prior, the happy couple looks ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime...oooor not.
Let me explain. After the ceremony, the photographer ushered us in to cut the cake in the reception hall, then back into the sanctuary for an hour-long, unorganized attempt to take a picture of every single family member with us. I had cried during our vows (fear? joy?) so most of my make-up was gone and Eric, well, let's just say he was less than pleased that he was missing 1. more cake 2. all the guests as they were leaving instead of hanging around! Can't blame them. But nonetheless, several of our pictures towards the end of the day looked like this and it also happened to be the only one I could find in iPhoto...I'm not so ambitious to whip out the scanner and the wedding albums for the sake of the blog!

Last year, I think we went on an anniversary date...I know we went to Ace Hardware at least, as this is the pretty columbine Eric bought for me. I love it!!

One way or the other, we ARE surviving the adventure of marriage and I couldn't me more thankful to God for my wonderful, caring, kind and fabulously HOT husband!! Love ya Babe! And here's to several dozen more years!

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