Monday, February 04, 2008

Florida Snaps

Hi! We're back from our tour of Florida! What a fun vacation...we even managed to relax a bit and feel refreshed and ready to jump back in to everyday life. Here are a few family snapshots of our adventures. We came home with over 200 photos so I'm sure there will be more to post here and over at Silly Rabbits of the kids.

This is Siesta Key Beach just south of Sarasota. It was a beautiful afternoon, though a bit chilly with the wind off the Gulf of Mexico. That didn't phase the kiddos though and they played their hearts out in the sand and sea!

This is taken on our short visit over at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort at Disney World. We were out on their savannah viewing deck to see some animals. We might have to stay their next time as it was really a beautiful hotel.

The classic family shot on Main Street USA in front of Cinderella's castle. We had early breakfast reservations in the Magic Kingdom so we got to enter before the rest of the crowds. Otherwise this street is usually teeming with people.

Elena and Kai are posing here on our way to our departing flight back to Kansas City. They have some really great 3D murals like this at the Orlando airport.

My Aunt Cle and Uncle Ed graciously let us stay with them the for four nights. They have a beautiful home near Brooksville and this photo is our going away lunch.

Ahhh, the mermaids! The live show was amazing and here we got to pose with Mermaid Jen. Kai was terrified and ran out of the area as fast as his little legs would carry him!

This is us on our date night in Ybor City in Tampa. We are standing outside Columbia Restaurant. I don't know what's up with that weird look on my face. Lovely.

Every vacation we have to have at least one group shot where we set our camera's timer. This time it was at sunset on the beach!

More to follow.....Happy Monday!


Molly said...

Awww . . . what a cute family! Looks like you guys had fun! I want to see Elena in her princess dress. Glad you're back safe and sound.

The Frank Family said...

How'd the kiddos like WDW?

Resa said...

Loved it! We rode all the rides we planned to, but the performances were Elena's favorite...parades and shows, that is. We packed in a full day and probably could have done another, but since they're so young, it was just about perfect! Your girls are going to be in heaven when you go...Elena wore her Cinderella dress the entire day...most of the time complete with long white gloves and a tiara!

The Frank Family said...

I bet she was a hit with the disney cast members.