Saturday, February 09, 2008

15 Year Reunion

Oh boy! I'm officially feeling old as I start making plans for my high school class' 15 year reunion. Guess I won't shirk my class pres. duties this 1/2 of a decade (what's 5 years called anyway?) like I did at the 10 year mark (my new baby was my excuse then!).

So I've spent the better part of my afternoon & evening plunking out a website for my class to hopefully use to connect HERE to see it. Anybody else out there have any reunion planning tips? All the websites I've gone to start like this: "2 years in advance...." Uhhhhhhh? How about 3-6 months to start with?

Our class had around 50 grads so hoping it won't be too hard to track them down...and hopefully fun to get together! Wish us luck...and if you're in my class and reading this you better boogie on over to our new website (smile)! Because I need HELP (in more ways than one!).

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