Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cakes of Late

It's been a crazy busy couple of months for The Sweet Ladybug...that's my cake gig. Yesterday I wrapped up my last two "big" cakes before our much needed vacation. This one is the teddy bear baby shower cake and I don't have the pix loaded from Tisha's party cake yet.

The teddy is sculpted out of fondant...really fun to do and a lot like working with polymer clay. I haven't done something like that in years...I think it was 8!!? years ago when my friend Michelle had a girls night of clay ornament making or something. Wow. Anyway, I digress. He was a super blobby looking bear until I lopped off about a third of his hiney.

The bow is made from a mixture of fondant and gumpaste. Gumpaste dries a lot faster than fondant and I think made it easier to work with. I rolled it so thin that it felt like a piece of fabric. The gumpaste must also keep it from stretching as it held shape really well. I followed an online tutorial over at CakeCentral (where all great cake things live) and it worked like a charm.

My favorite cake of late has to be the "Bo Hunts Game" hunk of camo that I made for part of my brother's Christmas gift. He liked it. The buttercream colors were nasty looking on their own, but together they just disappeared. Ha. (My attempt at hunter humor.) Along the edges it said "Run Game Run. Fly Game Fly. Swim Fish Swim. Hide Game Hide."

I also got to take another shot at castle building last month. This time the whole thing was gleaming as I sprayed it with an awesome little thing called "luster dust". Bring on the bling!

I still want to try a more realistic looking castle someday...ahem, no pink & purple....all fondant covered with cobblestones and flowering vines climbing the towers. Maybe that's what I'll make for myself. I doubt it....we're pretty caked out at our house. Chips and salsa anyone?

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